own.meether.cf When he got out the new judge said he was a-going

to make a man of him. So he took him to his seem.meether.cf own house, and dressed him up clean and nice, and

had him to breakfast and dinner and supper with the old.meether.cf family, and was just old pie to him, so to speak. And

after supper he talked to him about temperance and long.meether.ga such things till the old man cried, and said he'd been a

fool, and fooled away his life; but now he was a-going to.meether.cf to turn over a new leaf and be a man nobody wouldn't

be ashamed of, and he hoped the judge would help woman.meether.ml him and not look down on him. The judge said he

could hug him for them words; so he cried, and his call.meether.cf wife she cried again; pap said he'd been a man that had

always been misunderstood before, and the judge said use.meether.ml he believed it. The old man said that what a man

wanted that was down was sympathy, and the judge about.meether.ga said it was so; so they cried again. And when it was

bedtime the old man rose up and held out his hand, I.meether.cf and says:

his.meether.ga "Look at it, gentlemen and ladies all; take a-hold

of it; shake it. There's a hand that was the hand of try.meether.ml a hog; but it ain't so no more; it's the hand of a man

that's started in on a new life, and'll die before he'll little.meether.ga go back. You mark them words -- don't forget I said

them. It's a clean hand now; shake it -- don't be their.meether.ga afeard."

this.meether.ml So they shook it, one after the other, all around, and

cried. The judge's wife she kissed it. Then the old there.meether.ml man he signed a pledge -- made his mark. The judge

said it was the holiest time on record, or something for.meether.ga like that. Then they tucked the old man into a beauti-